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Thread: Connectivity Issue

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    Connectivity Issue

    I imported a model into the program using .csv files for the various parts of the network. All of the pipes are connected appropriately to their nodes, and all the nodes show that they are connected using the "Trace Connected Nodes" tool. And yet, whenever I run a scenario (steady-state), it spits back an error and an error file saying all of my nodes are disconnected. Any thoughts?


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    Disconnected Nodes usually means the nodes are not active. Can you check one or two nodes to see if they are active nodes and if inactive you can use Facility Manager to make the Nodes active.
    I hope this helps.
    Bob Dickinson

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    All of my nodes are active. It's strange, the HYDQUA file that the model spits out reports some of my PRVs as open or closed but then they are listed as disconnected in the ~ERROR file.

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    In InfoWater, disconnected nodes means that those nodes have demand but cannot access to any water supply. There are many reasons for that, such as closed pump, closed valve, closed pipe, or no water supply, etc. Could you please send the HYDQUA file to for a look?

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