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Thread: Output Table Questions

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    Output Table Questions

    I'm a new to infoworks ICM. I've been giving a spread sheet of an output table from old project we currently don't have anyone doing InfoWorks ICM studies. I was wondering if there is a Data dictionary some where that would be able to give a better desctiption of what the headings of these tables mean. For example:
    US node ID Link suffix Max DS flow (ft3/s) Simulation Max Surcharge state Max US depth (ft) Max US flow (ft3/s) Max US Froude number Max US velocity (ft/s) Cumulative inflow (ft3) US cumulative flow (ft3) DS cumulative flow (ft3) Max DS depth (ft) Max DS Froude number Max DS velocity (ft/s)
    -1034 1 0.0006 100-yr TSARP 1 1.686 0.0006 0.005 0.054 35.3 35.3 0.075 0.063 0.115
    -1033 1 0.0006 100-yr TSARP 1 2.189 0.0006 0.006 0.053 42.1 42.1 0.075 0.068 0.123
    -1032 2 0.0005 100-yr TSARP 1 1.244 0.0005 0.006 0.053 17.3 17.3 0.075 0.053 0.096

    I've noticed that max surcharge state tends to either be 1 or 2 is there a reason for that?. Some of these titles seem obvious but maybe they aren't? Sorry if this seems like a very novice question, so if there is a data dictionary or a particulre video that shows me what these titles mean. Even a video that shows how these are calculated would be great. Also this is running a 2d model

    Thank you ahead of time

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    Hello Brian,
    This is the meaning of the variable Surcharge state

    Description of Link Surcharge State
    Pipe is not surcharged.
    Surcharge State is calculated as the ratio of water depth to pipe height.
    Water level at the upstream and / or downstream end of the pipe has reached the upper limit of the pipe height. Hydraulic gradient is less than or equal to pipe gradient.
    Water level at the upstream and / or downstream end of the pipe is greater than the pipe height.
    Hydraulic Gradient is greater than pipe gradient.

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