I'm a new to infoworks ICM. I've been giving a spread sheet of an output table from old project we currently don't have anyone doing InfoWorks ICM studies. I was wondering if there is a Data dictionary some where that would be able to give a better desctiption of what the headings of these tables mean. For example:
US node ID Link suffix Max DS flow (ft3/s) Simulation Max Surcharge state Max US depth (ft) Max US flow (ft3/s) Max US Froude number Max US velocity (ft/s) Cumulative inflow (ft3) US cumulative flow (ft3) DS cumulative flow (ft3) Max DS depth (ft) Max DS Froude number Max DS velocity (ft/s)
-1034 1 0.0006 100-yr TSARP 1 1.686 0.0006 0.005 0.054 35.3 35.3 0.075 0.063 0.115
-1033 1 0.0006 100-yr TSARP 1 2.189 0.0006 0.006 0.053 42.1 42.1 0.075 0.068 0.123
-1032 2 0.0005 100-yr TSARP 1 1.244 0.0005 0.006 0.053 17.3 17.3 0.075 0.053 0.096

I've noticed that max surcharge state tends to either be 1 or 2 is there a reason for that?. Some of these titles seem obvious but maybe they aren't? Sorry if this seems like a very novice question, so if there is a data dictionary or a particulre video that shows me what these titles mean. Even a video that shows how these are calculated would be great. Also this is running a 2d model

Thank you ahead of time