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Thread: Air Reliefs and Blowoffs

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    Question Air Reliefs and Blowoffs

    How are Air Reliefs and Blowoffs used in a model?
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    In a typical Water Model Air Reliefs and Blowoffs are not really treated as anything except a junction if modeled or may not be modeled at all. I suspect most users would model these as junctions in a model if they split a mainline or lateral line that was to get included in the model. If the element associated with the Air Release or Blowoff was not splitting a main or lateral line to be included in the model, these elements would likely not be included in the typical water model at all.

    Air Relief valves are used to remove air and also often play a role under transient conditions in the real world system. Blowoffs generally used to flush lines or drain water lines from what I recall. Air Relief Valves would only come into play for a model if a user was using a water model to do transient analysis using InfoSurge (as part of InfoWater) or with an InfoWater Pro Suite license which includes the Surge component where these can be added for use in a Surge model built on top of a InfoWater or InfoWater Pro model. But unless you are completing a Surge (transient) analysis, these are generally not needed for a typical water model unless the location is added simply as a junction.

    Hope this helps.

    Patrick Moore

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    How are Air Reliefs and Blowoffs used in a model?

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