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Thread: Fire Flow Analysis - Node not appearing at all in Fire Flow Result Table

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    Fire Flow Analysis - Node not appearing at all in Fire Flow Result Table

    Hello there, I am running a fireflow in my current model, and have run it both for all the nodes in the model and also while selecting "Run Fireflow on Domain Only". One node, which has the ID of 1175, is included in the Domain when I run the fireflow in the second scenario. In either case, when I run the fireflow, the node does not appear at all in the fireflow results table, and in the Model Explorer, no output except elevation is shown. I have included screenshots showing this. I am unsure why this node is not appearing at all, it is in the same area as several other nodes for which I am receiving fireflow results.

    Fireflow Results Table.jpgModel Explorer No Output.JPG

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    Most likely this means that this missing junction is unable to solve fireflow at this location. If there are no results for a location shown, it often is an indication that the Available Flow calculation was unsolvable or that the model is unstable at this location at the fireflow specified.

    The easiest way to verify this is to make sure you are using the Full Hydraulic Status Report with Generate Warning messages (See Standard Tab - Report Options) (Note see this forum post with my response in Step 7 for how to see the report and check your settings ) . If you did not already have these report settings on you would need to rerun the fireflow run to see it.

    Search for the Node ID in the report and you should see some indication of what may be occurring. The model may have reached max trials or it may be unable to satisfy demand. Look for warning messages on that node. There may also be a note at the end indicating this location may have failed the fireflow run.

    Is this a location all by itself that has an issue or is it one location and all others are ok?

    Is this a location downstream of a closed loop pump station (pump is the only supply). Perhaps there is not adequate supply from the pumps for fireflow?

    Also check to make sure this location has a pressure before the fire that is above the Residual Pressure specified. If not it would likely give an error.

    One easy check you can also do is to run a Hydrant Curve on the location not solving for Fireflow. If the pressure does not compute the curve all the way to zero (or nearly zero) this indicates the model becomes unstable around where the curve stops.

    I would also check to make sure you have the latest version of the software you are using which can be found on the support Portal as well. (see )

    Lastly, please feel free to contact us at if you need further assistance (I see your Company (Weston & Sampson (assuming you still work there) has active InfoCare) so please do not hesitate to reach out for support assistance.

    Patrick Moore

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