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Thread: Sanitary MH and pipe selection

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    Question Sanitary MH and pipe selection

    I need to identify the source of all flows into a manhole. This means I need to generate a sanitary sewershed. As a first step I need to select all upstream pipes that flow into the manhole. Since the flow direction is already correctly set up on our pipes in GIS, I was hoping this can be done automatically. Is this possible using InfoWorks ICM? I am new to InfoWorks ICM. All our GIS data is already in InfoWorks ICM and a geodatabase.
    Tim Hayes
    GIS Manager
    City of San Jose Municipal Water System
    San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility

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    If you have ICM questions I would recommend sending these to as there are not nearly as many ICM responders in the forum that if you need technical support this is a much better way to get assistance you need.

    Patrick Moore

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