I am trying to model the flow coming out of a water treatment plant using fixed head reservoir and a downstream flow control valve (FCV). I set a flow pattern to the FCV to match observed flows.

However, I see reverse flow- from FCV to the reservoir rather than the opposite. I tried increasing the reservoir head but nothing seems to work.
I have a PRV to control discharge pressures. Error report is as below:

"0:00:00: Unbalanced after 41 trials (flow change = 0.679477)
Total Supplied: 335414.57 gpm
Total Demanded: 446142.08 gpm
Total Stored: 743059.05 gpm
0:00:00: Reservoir R1 is closed
0:00:00: Reservoir R2 is closed
0:00:00: Reservoir R3 is closed"

Thanks for the help.