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Thread: Remote Agent and licenses

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    Remote Agent and licenses


    We have recently set up Infoworks ICM to run as a workgroup in our organisation (small-scale). We operate using fixed licenses at the moment and all agents are PCs. I have set up the most powerful of these as Coordinator.

    Things are runninng more or less smoothly except for this: because we have fixed license dongles and fewer dongles than machines, it is not uncommon for dongles to be moved around PCs depending needs. The issue that this has created is that when setting up sims to run on "Any Computer", the agent sometimes tries sending sims to a computer with no dongle, resulting in the sims failing. Is there a way to ensure the agent detects which computers have licenses and only send to these? Or is the only work around to disbable computers as remote agents when they have no dongle?

    A separate question is, is it possible to set up priorities so that sims are preferentially sent to certain remote agents if they are available?


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