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    InfoSurge PRV

    I have 2 zones, a lower and a higher HGL zone. Each zone is supplied by a pump station that pumps to a tank a long distance away (5+ miles). I'm interested in simultaneous power failure at both pump stations (they are on the same site). There is a PRV from the higher zone to the lower zone that will normally be closed but should open when pressure in the lower zone drops below 70 psi. The higher zone recovers more quickly from the power failure than the lower zone. I'm interested in seeing the effect of the PRV on mitigating low pressures in the lower zone, but also need to understand how it will affect the higher zone.

    The problem is, if the PRV is closed at the start of the transient simulation, it never opens, even when the pressure in the lower zone stays below 70 psi for a long time.

    How can I simulate this correctly?

    2019-04-10 08_45_03-Active Valve Data - Valve 'V8032'.png
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    Hi Cricks,

    it is better to model this PRV as an active valve with a known stem change curve. Stem change curve.PNG

    Create Stem change curve.PNG

    Could you also email your questions to in case we miss it.

    Kind Regards

    Serpil Kara
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