Hello there,

I have a model with five different types of demands with five associated patterns (domestic, commercial, municipal, apartments, and industrial). Each of these has it's own pattern created, the most complex being for domestic and apartments, where the factor varies throughout the entire day. (The other patterns only switch between 0 and 1 depending on the hour).

I am running my model in a max day scenario, and have calculated on my own what the sum of all demands should be at each hour, given the factor in my patterns that is shown for that hour. However, when running the model, the model gives me different numbers than I would expect. I've even looked at individual nodes to see what might be wrong.

For example, one node, Junction 2211, has Demand 1 (Domestic) set at 0.77 gpm. All other demands (2-5) are set at 0. The factor at Hour 1 for Demand 1's pattern is 0.33. Therefore, I would expect Junction 2211's demand at Hour 1 to be 0.25 gpm (0.77 * 0.33). However, the model is returning the number 0.16 gpm. I have no idea why this is.

Hopefully this outlines the problem well enough. Anyone have any thoughts/ideas on why this might be happening?

Thank you!