Hi Patrick,

Just want to ask for some advice in general regarding my infowater model.

Scenario wherein the STP treats water and stores it in a 10ML tank which is then used for recycled water and/or excess is discharged to the lagoon at the end of the network.
so the flows are from the STP ->10ML treated storage tank->pumped system->customer demand->remainder is discharged to lagoons.

How i set it up.

- I set up a reservoir (representing the STP) then a valve (where I loaded the diurnal flows pattern of STP production) then this discharges to the 10ML tank then a pump to provide the network supply. The 10ML tank is set to run the pump within levels (50-80% active level) and to discharge in the lagoon at the end of the network to release the excess from the STP and prevent the 10ML tank to overflow.

- I turned the overflow volume on from the 10ML. converted this to flow and loaded this in the last node which I thought will represent the lagoon. (is this the way to go????) because it looks like the node is still pressurized after I run the simulation which does not seem to represent what I need. The flows balance out, there is no overflow in the 10ML tank but the pressures doesn't seem correct because if i release to a lagoon, it means that the pressure at that last node should be zero or atmospheric? Your advice is much appreciated.

- So i thought of adding a tank after the last node that represents a lagoon. kept the "overflow rates" as demand to represent the excess overflow volume in the last node. The pressures dropped as expected but I am not sure if this is the correct. Do I remove the excess "overflow rates"? and keep the tank at the end? What's the best way to model for this with the excess flow and correct pressures?

- The system curve does not seem to work when I did not have the tank at the end(lagoon) but when I added that in, it worked but not sure of the results.

I hope the query makes sense and your advice is much much appreciated. Thanks!