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Thread: Importing Evaporation Profile

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    Importing Evaporation Profile

    I'm working on my first ICM model. I've been able to find the answer to most of my questions in the help files, but this one has me stumped. I understand evaporation profiles are defined within the rainfall event. I assumed evaporation profiles were imported as part of the rainfall profile import. However, when I import from a generic csv. and have rain intensity in one column and evaporation in the next, I am unable to select anything but Rainfall Intensity for my Unit Type (see image below). All I've been able to do is create blank time steps in the Evaporation Data; I can manually input data to these cells but have not been able to copy/paste from a csv. How do others import evaporation data? Thanks in advance for the help!
    Evap Import.jpg

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    Hi There, copy/paste from csv (opened in Excel) to the ICM table could be tricky. It will take some time/trials to get it right. By the way, Innovyze and phone line is always available.

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