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Thread: How can i download sources of XPSWMM 2016 ?

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    Question How can i download sources of XPSWMM 2016 ?


    I work in an IT support service and I need to download sources of XPSWMM 2016.
    I found it in the Support/Product Updates page but the link doesn't work...
    Can you help me to get this installer ?
    Thank you.


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    You can find XPSWMM Installer links on our page if you select the following items:

    Product Area: Storms, Rivers, and Floodplains
    Select Program: XPSWMM

    Then Click on the Previous Downloads button to see install links for older versions like 2016 (we are currently on version 2018.2.1)

    The Link currently Shown for the 2016 version is :

    (Click if you need a larger image)
    XPSWMM Installers.jpg

    If you need further assistance please email us directly at

    Patrick Moore

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