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Thread: Units and Precision

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    Units and Precision

    Hopfully this is an easy question. How do I change the unit precision for my results? I have a profile and I want to show the peak flow and capacity but the flows have 5 decimal places.

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    It is possible to change the accuracy with which IW displays decimal places before version 11. This can be done by going to the install directory and finding the file iwmd.mdb, this is an access file (keep a backup copy). Once the file has been opened navigate to the table “Fields”, then find the table name and corresponding field name for the object accuracy you want to change.

    For example the base flow accuracy for subcatchment can be found under hw_subcatchment_defaults> base flow. Finally go to the precision column for the object and change the number of decimal places you would like displayed.

    Please note that this option is only available for releases before version 11 and after that it is not possible to change decimal places.
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    You might find that swapping from m3/s to l/s could help here. In InfoWorks CS for example, the number of decimal places is retained and therefore the precision is increased.

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    Raana, we are still changing decimal precision in version 12.5 and have had no issues.

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    My initial statement about it being 11.0 was incorrect, apologies for that. I actually have the file available up to version 12.0 but in the install directory for 12.5 it is not present. I knew that it had been removed at some point but mixed up the release numbers.

    It's interesting that you are still able to make the edits David, perhaps I have missed something. Are you editing the same .mdb file in the install directory? If you have an alternative I would be glad to hear it.

    As an aside it is not really advisable to go through this method if changing units achieves the required accuracy.

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