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Thread: Changing Element IDs - InfoWater

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    Changing Element IDs - InfoWater


    I want to change all the element IDs in a InfoWater model to start with EX_. When I try to change the IDs under Utilities - Change ID I get a warning message. See below.


    I have IDs for 6,667 junctions and 7,600 pipes that I need to change. Is there a way to do this all at once?

    Thank you in advance for your help in this.

    -Vicki Zabierek
    Project Engineer

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    Having used the software for nearly 19 and a half years now I recall when this message originally came up about 10-12 years ago. I seem to recall this was related mostly to Control ID's associated with Rule based controls. I discussed this with our development team to see if this limitation still exists and ran a few test to confirm and both my tests and the development team indicate that the current newer code no longer has this limitation and that they will recompile the latest update of the software to remove this warning message.

    I ran a test using over 250 pump ID changes that were associated with Rule based controls and each of the rule based controls updated all the ID's in the rules for me (This model had over 1500 rule based controls in it) without issue using InfoWater 12.4 update 5.

    If you are using the InfoWater 12.4 Update 5 installer you should be able to make the changes without any concerns regarding the controls or the warning message. I would suspect we will upload the recompiled update version hopefully in less that a week (by November 16th) say that should remove this warning message from here on out as well, but that as long as you are on InfoWater 12.4 update 5 you should be able to ignore the warning message (if you still see it) and not have to worry about this warning.

    The only thing you will want to do is make sure that when you are changing ID's that you include enough rows to get all elements you wish to change by using the "set Rows button" on the change ID tool.

    As long as you have at least as many rows as elements you want to change (there can be more, you can change as many elements ID's at once as you desire. I have changes something like 80,000 pipe ID's at once myself so I know it can handle very large numbers of ID changes.

    And the new code now no longer appears to have ID change difficulties associated with rule based controls either.

    Patrick Moore

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