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Thread: Automate Results Export/Extraction from InfoSWMM

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    Automate Results Export/Extraction from InfoSWMM

    Is there a way to automate the extraction of time-series scenario results from InfoSWMM to external files (e.g., Excel, CVS, database)? We have a standard set of outputs (results) that we extract and analyze for each of the scenarios that we run. This is a tedious and repetitive task that takes quite a while. It would be great if I could programmatically extract these data (results) instead of using copy/paste from the Report Manager. Below is an outline of steps that we apply that I would like to automate. Is this possible? If so how?

    • Select Scenario
    • Select Domain (e.g., desired pumps, storage nodes, junctions, conduits)
    • Open Report Manager
    • Select New
    • Select Graph Report
      • Select Desired Output
        • Junction Group Graph (Head)
        • Outfall Group Graph (Depth, Total Inflow)
        • Conduit Group Graph (Velocity, Flow)
        • Pump Group Graph (Flow, Head Gain)

    • Select Settings
      • Domain
        • From = Start of simulation
        • To = End of simulation

    • Open
    • Select Report
    • Copy Report Table Data (rows=time-series; columns=individual component)
    • Paste to Excel or Database
    • Repeat for each desired output for each scenario

    Thanks, Jason

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    Hello Jason, You export all of the scenario output to a CSV file for Nodes, Links and Subcatchments. See this embedded image2018-10-19_1446.png

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    Thanks you for the response Robert. I should clarify two things.
    1. I am currently using InfoSWMM 14.0 Update #1. I am hoping to upgrade to newer version as soon as I can reliable convert existing model.
    2. I need to export 8 to 11 tables for each scenario I run. I would like to run a script (internal or external) or some similar automated process to quickly export all of the desired tables at one time. Here is an example screenshot of what I see when I open the Report Manager.


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