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Thread: Infowater Question: Is there an easy way to convert open Valves to Junctions?

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    Infowater Question: Is there an easy way to convert open Valves to Junctions?


    I am working with an Info Water model received from the client,
    which has hundreds of valves modeled. Hydraulically these are not used in the model.
    Hence I would like to change those Valve nodes to simple junctions.

    Is there any way to Morph/change the Valves to Junctions.


    Anwar k

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    It's not super easy, but it certainly can be done.

    My best suggestion would be as follows:

    1. Clear the domain, then select all the "valves" you wish to make junctions and put these in your domain
    2. Export these elements as a shapefile using the Export manager. export all fields
    3. Save the model as a new name
    4. Open the Domain Manager and Choose Special Query, then Links, and then "Connected" and choose "add". This will add the connected pipes to the model
    5. Export the Connected pipes to a shapefile as well and make sure to export all fields
    6. I would then check the Initial Node and pipe Status tables using the domain and the node Control and pipe control tables using the domain to make sure tone of these elements were used in controls. It is a bit more difficult to check rule based controls as well. It seems unlikely these could have controls, but its worthwhile to check due to the deletion step.
    7. Delete the exported elements from the model using the delete domain button
    8. Perform a couple of database functions in the InfoWater menu -> Utilities-> Database menu:
      1. First do a "Reindex"
      2. Then do a "Pack" Command
      3. Then do a "Clean" command
      4. => This will clear the ID's of the deleted elements from the model so they can be reused

    9. Next Import the valves back into the model as junctions using the Import Manager (you should be able to auto map some of the fields using the ">>" command)
    10. Then Reimport the Pipes back in using the Import manager and automap all fields exported using the ">>" command
    11. You should now have all the valves converted to junctions and have all the pipe connectivity correct as well.

    I tested this in a sample model and it worked perfectly. I do recommend exporting and deleting the connected pipes as well as this seems to work better than not doing this.

    I would double check how the model runs after completion as a validation step to make sure no controls or other things got messed up by this process. If you find you had any controls or initial status changed, you may need to import these from the original model. But any valves with a closed initial status should generally remain as a valve rather than get converted to a junction.

    Incidentally, if one wishes to do the reverse a similar procedure would likely work to convert junctions to valves. The one difficulty would be accounting for junctions with demand and making sure to assign the new valves as throttle control valves as these are pretty benign to a model run.

    If you have any difficulties or further questions please comment here on this thread.

    Patrick Moore
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    Thanks Patrick. This worked perfectly.

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