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Thread: XPRAFTS 2016 - XP Security Error

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    XPRAFTS 2016 - XP Security Error

    Hi All!

    I was trying to execute a model on XPRAFTS 2016, however it pops up with an XP Security error message (see attached image).

    I have removed all the files in my local drive registry, uninstalled and reinstalled XPRAFTS and tried with other XPRAFTS files to no avail. The program works in my colleague's computers with no problems.

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this matter, as it is starting to affect my turnaround times.


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    That message is typical when using a floating network license and there is a problem communicating with the server hosting the hardware lock. Sometimes it is because the referenced IP address in the SWMXP.INI file is not correct or the driver (Sentinel Protection System) is not running on the client and server. If you contact the support team at Innovyze they should be able to help you diagnose and get the issue fixed.

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