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Thread: Max Day without Fireflow Results

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    Max Day without Fireflow Results


    I am a new Infowater user. Is there a way to get results for the water system for only the max day requirement without fireflow?

    Thank you!


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    As a new user, let me be the first to say Welcome to using InfoWater Software!

    The Standard tab of the software is used for many popular non-fireflow results.

    Depending on how the model is set-up (steady state vs Extended period, and what time settings are used) running the model on the standard tab of the run manager is generally where users get the information you sound like you are looking for.

    If you open the run manager and go to the standard tab and run the model, this would present results using the current model settings without fireflow being applied unless you had added a large point demand to represent fireflow conditions as a normal "demand". The Time Settings will determine how long the simulation runs. If the Steady State checkbox is checked it will only run the first period of the simulation.
    (click if need larger image)
    run manager - EPS run.jpg

    If you need further assistance feel free to contact us at or to call the main support help line (in the US) at 626-568-6869 or just reply to this post.

    As a new user, it help you to take time to look at our quick start tutorial that is installed with the software. This tutorial will help you understand how to edit elements, set up a model run, run a model, and how to get output results.

    You may also want to consider one of our 2 day Introduction to InfoWater classes as well as this is a much more in depth introduction to the software than the tutorial. You can find classes currently scheduled on this part of our webpage:

    You can find the quick start tutorial information here:

    For InfoWater:
    Quick Start Tutorial:
    In the Start-> Programs -> Innovyze-> InfoWater menu open the InfoWaterUser Guide
    Or you can browse to this directory: C:\Program Files(x86)\InfoWater\Help\InfoWater Users Guide.pdf (or Water.pdf)
    Section 3 is a quick start tutorial that is good to get the basics

    We would recommend the main exercises and the extended tutorials for Fireflow(3-37) and scenario management (Page 3-57) to get a good overview

    Sample Models for tutorial
    The sample models used in the tutorial are found in this directory:

    Other Hints for newer users:

    1. If you are in any InfoWater pop-up window hit the “F1” key to get specific contextual help on that window. This is very helpful if you want to know what a particular button or setting in that window does
    2. The first time you start the software you may need to enable the InfoWater extension to allow ArcGIS to run. This is found in the ArcGIS menu -> Customize -> Extensions. Make sure the “InfoWater" box is checked.
    3. To start the software you have to initialize the model. This is the big red arrow next to the InfoWater menu. See this blog post to see what it looks like
    4. If you need further assistance please contact Technical support at or call 626-568-6869
    5. Blog and Forums:
      1. Also visit our User Forums here: . This is a good resource of information.
      2. Insider Blog: Another good source of information

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