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Thread: Install switches for the infowater.exe installer

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    Install switches for the infowater.exe installer

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to set up an InfoWater deployment in Microsoft SCCM. Since there's no MSI file inside the InfoWater EXE archive (sometimes there is), I'm having to piece together the delployment settings. Would anyone happen to have a list of switches I could run with the infowater.exe file as a way to dictate the floating license server, etc? Hope that makes sense.


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    Just as an FYI to you and other users who may have similar questions: Innovyze currently does not provide support for "silent Installs" for our non-workgroup products like InfoWater or have any MSI files included with the InfoWater Installer and do not currently have any deployment packages that we can provide.

    Perhaps there may be other users on the forum who have successfully developed these that they may be willing to share with you, but we are unaware of anyone currently doing this that we could direct you to.

    Thank you.

    Patrick Moore

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