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Thread: Vertices Removal/Bend Simplification?

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    Question Vertices Removal/Bend Simplification?

    Hello all,
    The initial ICM model (2D rain on mesh w/ storm drains), which did not have any vertices at the street corners removed (so essentially just the raw planimetrics data) failed and I was told that the issue resides in the fact that there were too many vertices at the street corners within my geometry and I needed to simplify the geometry somehow. I have read the "Tips for a good meshing experience" which describe GIS simplification tool to do this, however, when I apply this to the planimetric data (which contains the edge of roads, buildings, perious/impervious areas, etc), it seems to create a lots of small slivers between the polygons within my planimetrics shapefile. The area I'm modeling is several hundred acres and has a large amount of city blocks, so really need an automated process to remove the extra vertices without creating smaller slivers within the overall shapefile.

    I wanted to see how everyone else removes extraneous vertices at street corners without creating small slivers between polygons (if you simply use the simplify tool, are there any additional steps taken before running simplify on planimetrics data, etc). Any advice is appreciated!

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    I heard that one of support team members helped you with that already. Let us know if there are any other questions.

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    When creating detailed meshes from GIS it is important to maintain consistency among layers so that vertices in one layer snap to vertices of another, while also trying to keep the number of vertices to a minimum.
    While layers like Infiltration Zone and Roughness Zone can be omitted from the meshing process, it's still important to keep them carefully matching the vertices wherever possible since they can affect the mesh aggregation process.
    So how does one maintain integrity across layers? Ideally any simplification process is carried out simultaneously across all polygons. In ArcGIS, this means doing Dissolve one one full feature class, rather than on several feature classes representing different layers. From that one layer, you then import select polygons into each ICM layer. Alternately, you can import everything into your ICM Polygon layer, do your simplification and gap closing, then export various selections to other layers.
    In any case, it's always a good idea check through things afterwards using ICM's Model-> Geometry tools to find gaps and small area diagnostic polygons.
    This is a pretty wide open topic, so if anyone else has experience to share, please do!

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    Yes I spoke with y'all about this issue already and they were a big help! Thanks, Nathan!

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