Hello, I'm still learning InfoWater, so my apologies if I'm not understanding something simple.

I have a model from another engineer that has several pumps. The pumps are variable speed but are not operated as such, they run at a set speed and turn on and off based on a tank level. They are modeled with a multipoint curve from the manufacturer of head vs. flow, but without a datapoint for zero head (see below minus the last row). When the model is run, the pump curve shows the operating point moving past the specified flowrate onto an extrapolated part of the curve. Since my client has historical data that shows a flow rate much lower than what the model is doing, I need a quick fix to keep the pump from operating beyond a certain flow rate. To do this, I tried adding a data point with zero head (see image).

The model then sticks to this flowrate for some time but then exceeds the flow rate again while showing -25,000 psi.
pump graph.jpg

Is this method workable? Is there a better way to limit the pump flow rate? I have limited information beyond what the client believes the actual flowrate is and the manufacturer curves.

Thanks for any discussion or input!