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Thread: simulation error

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    simulation error

    simulation error.jpgsimulation error.jpgsimulation error.jpg

    How do I resolve warning after using the simulation?

    InfoWorks Version 2.5.2.

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    One issue may be that you are using a fairly out of date version of InfoWorks. The current version of InfoWorks WS Pro is 3.0.2. Software updates can be found on this Webpage, but for InfoWorks software you will need to login with your companies credentials to grab the update:

    We would recommend contacting our technical support team if there is an issue with your model (based on the warning messages this is a strong possibility). We can be reached at

    Please Note: You will need to have an Active InfoCare annual maintenance to be able to update your software as well as to get technical support assistance. Without knowing what company you work for I was unable to verify that for you.

    Patrick Moore

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