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Thread: WaterCAD to H2ONet Model Conversion

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    WaterCAD to H2ONet Model Conversion

    I am working with another company on a modeling a water system, however, I am using H2ONet and they are using WaterCAD. Is there any way to convert the files from WaterCAD to H2ONet without purchasing a license for WaterCAD, as we only need to convert the 1 model and will not be using WaterCAD again.

    The model is quite large so exporting data to Excel is possible, but would be extremely tedious. If anyone has done this before or has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.


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    One can convert a WaterCAD model to H20NET or InfoWater fairly easily if you have an EPANET export of the scenario you wish to convert obtained form WaterCAD/GEMS.

    As you are an existing Innovyze Customer I was able to find you direct contact information and will send you conversion instructions, but you would need to get someone with WaterCAD/GEMS to export the scenario you wish to model for you.

    Patrick Moore

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