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Thread: XPSWMM - *.dat file error

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    XPSWMM - *.dat file error

    Hi, I am having an unusual error occurring when modelling stepwise linear storage in XPSWMM, I have been able to track the error to a line in my *.dat file but I am wondering if anyone would know why xpswmm is inserting a comma on a new line following the read of E2 the stepwise linear storage values . I have attached an extract below.

    Is this an error anyone has encountered before that can be easily solved, as it currently presenting me with a model I cannot simulate.

    PHP Code:
    D1 '475'106.729104.9290.00.00, -1, -1, -1.00047500100.0000, -9999.0, -9999.0/
    E1 '203'170.700, -1.0260, -9999.00
    E2 .0010.001.1.001121.2.007008.3.016676.4

    E1 '253'100.98079.6400, -9999.00
    E1 '440'178.850, -1.0330, -9999.00
    E2 1E-503.64E-40.17.92E-40.2.0014880.3.0021820.4
    .031062, , .03335, , .035379, , .037477, , .039661
    .041872, , .044109, , .046495
    F1 'O{279.2}''203''204'10.15901.00.0000.002790, /
    F1 'O{291.2}''215''216'10.09621.00.0000.002910, /
    F1 'O{441.2}''440''202'10.15901.00.0000.004410, /
    G1 'W{441.1}''440''202'11.9502.2501.1.7441, / 

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    The more I am looking into this problem there appears to be an error occurring as a result of XPSWMM seeking additional stepwise linear storage records when they are not included in the E2 statement, in the example above it appears that there should be 26 and 33 for each storage node, but there are only 25 and 23 in the code, I have checked my input values within XPswmm interface and for all proposes there should only be 24 for both storage nodes.

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    Does your model use scenarios? If so, a possible explanation is that your stepwise linear storage definition in the base scenario, or one of the other scenarios, had more records than what you have in the current scenario.

    The model database is setup in a way that the number of records for any object across all scenarios must be the same. I would check to see if your base scenario (or other scenarios) had 26 and 33 stepwise linear storage records at those storage nodes.

    If the above doesn’t apply, then I would recommend submitting your model to technical support and we can look at it further.

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    The model is using scenarios and for some reason the child scenarios dont appear to be upadting when i make changes to the parent,

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