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Thread: XPSWMM Online attenuation XPSWMM

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    XPSWMM Online attenuation XPSWMM

    Is there any documentation, guidance or advice available to explain how I would model in a 1D/2D linked XPSWMM model, online storage generated in a natural channel as a result of constructing a bunded dam with an orifice flow control across the main channel section.



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    In fact it might be hard to find advice that specific. But one thing to consider is that this storage and the attenuation from the storage is automatic due to the equations in the software. A 1D channel has a shape and length creating a volume and the water surface is free so the depth at each end can be different. If in 2D then the surface will have a depression and it can fill creating the volume. Perhaps the best advice is to make sure you do not double count the storage by modeling it in 1D and 2D.

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