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Thread: Infowater license usage report

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    Question Infowater license usage report

    We are using Infowater on top of ArcGIS, how to generate the Infowater license usage report?

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    If you have a floating license you can use the Floating license manager to see a report of the usage:

    To see how, please download this document and review pages 17-19 for instructions on how to use the report tab and graph tab: Installation Guide

    Both the report and Graph tabs will tell you about the license usage for all your licneses.

    Note: The FLM will grab up to 2 GB of data from the log file to use in the Report and graph tabs. If you have a lot of licenses or wish to view more data than 2 GB worth you can open the log file directly to see additional information. The CSV log file can be found in this location on the server with the FLM: <C:\ProgramData\Innovyze\Floating License Manager\Report.csv>

    Patrick Moore

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