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Thread: Water Losses with InfoWorks WS Pro

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    Water Losses with InfoWorks WS Pro

    I'm working on a model I have created in InfoWorks WS Pro and exported to Epanet. In Epanet I changed every node in emitter, using them to simulate water losses of the network (I estimated the total amount of the losses, and I changed the C parameter of the emitters to obtain the correct flow entering the "starting pipe" of the network).
    In this way, every node has the following demand: Q + q(p) where Q is the demand (with its own pattern) while q(p) is an addictional demand depending on the pressure (in every timestep).
    Considering every node as an emitter, I "spread" the losses on every node of the network: ∑q(p)=TotalLosses.
    My question is: is there a way to make the same in InfoWork WS Pro? I know that there is the PRD simulation module, but I don't know if I can use that to obtain the same results.
    Paolo Boiardi
    Iren Emilia S.p.A. - Iren Group
    Cartography & Territorial Analysis

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    For InfoWorks questions it is often best to email our support team at with your question.

    Patrick Moore

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