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Thread: Water Meter Representation

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    Water Meter Representation

    How can I assign a node as a water meter of a particular size and indicate a pressure drop. I currently just put a node there without any special features.

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    As we discussed much of this on the phone last week I will just add a quick reply for the benefit of the forum. If you ever need to do this, the best thing to do is to use a valve (like a general purpose valve) to represent the headloss through the meter. A general purpose valve can have a headloss vs. flow curve associated with it and if you can find engineering information from the manufacturer (through an internet search) for that valve you can usually find a pressure drop vs flow curve or headloss vs flow curve you can use to develop the model curve that will represent the headloss through the valve as the flow varies.

    Most of the time modelers do not "care" for the headloss through the meter as they are not usually modeling flow through an individual meter as they do not usually model individual meters, unless like in your situation it is a large meter feeding a specific service area (like an apartment complex having a single large service meter) and you are trying to determine if one of two size meters will both work adequately.

    Make sure to review the utility design criteria though as well as the relevant National standards used by the utility, because the meter size if required to satisfy those criteria may still require the use of the larger meter based on the number of fixture units. But this analysis as it appears you were asked to do would allow you to potentially determine if the smaller meter headloss would or would not be "excessive" at lease from a headloss standpoint.

    Best to you and your team!

    Patrick Moore

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