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Thread: Pump Curves in WS and WS pro

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    Pump Curves in WS and WS pro

    Hi, I am wondering if apart from importing pump curves as CSV or other formats, is there an easy way to directly define a new pump curve and enter new pump's triplets manually in WS or WS pro?
    I understand that it is possible to edit and modify the existing curves in software but I cannot generate a brand new curve in model environment.

    another related issue is : how to export the existing pump curves? the export centre does not have a pump curve component.


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    Let me ping a few of our staff more knowledgeable in InfoWorks WS/WS PRO and we will get back with you on your question.

    Patrick Moore
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    (Thank you to Carolyn Rose for her response on adding a new pump curve)

    To add new pump curves:

    To add in a new pump curve. Please, see the stepsbelow.

    1. Open the Link Grid and Select the Pump Tab
    2. In the last row input a new pump curve name
    3. Fill in the Nominal Flow, Speed Diameters, etc.
    4. To apply the pump curve, double click on the tab next to the new pump curve name (green tab in my screen shot below)
    5. The pump curve dialog window will pop up and you can copy and paste the pump curve directly into the window.

    (click if need larger image)
    InfoWorks WS - New Pump Curve.jpg
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    I also asked around in terms of Exporting the Pump Curve data and you have a few options: Thanks to Tom Merrifield in our UK office for his assistance in answering this:

    ‚ÄčOptions to export Pump and pump curve data

    • Option 1: How to add data to the Export Dialog to include the Pump Data:
      • Export dialog: Extra Rows can be added, if you "add Row" then choose internal field triplets.flow, then triplets.head and triplets.power, it will export the pump curve data probably in matrix format like the csv file you get if you export the network to csv. Which incidentally is the other way to export the data for pumps
      • (click if need larger image)
      • InfoWorks- Pump Export.PNG

    • Option 2: Export the Network to CSV format
      • By exporting the network it will include a section with the pump data as well as the curve data

    • Option 3: Simply open the pump tables and copy and paste the data as needed:
      • copy the data from the pump curve in the Pump dialog and paste it into the new location

    • Option 4: Export the Model to EPANET and use just the [PUMPS] and possibly the [CURVES] sections (if not using 3 point curves) in the .INP text file to get what is needed.
      • There are a few ways to export pumps in EPANET so the fields may look different, but here is what EPANET itself export lists things as in each section with it's headings. Just use a bit of caution if you are not familiar with EPANET formats as it will not always export "everything" included in a model from InfoWorks like potentially control functionality and link descriptions , but and will just include the base hydraulic elements.

    ;ID Node1 Node2 Parameters
    210 210_NU 210_ND HEAD 2 ;Pump No. 2
    200 200_NU 200_ND HEAD 1 ;Pump No. 200

    ;ID X-Value Y-Value
    ;PUMP: Pump curve for Pump 200
    1 0 280.000000
    1 400.000000 260.000000
    1 800.000000 220.000000
    ;PUMP: Pump curve for Pump 210
    2 0 280.000000
    2 200.000000 260.000000
    2 400.000000 220.000000

    Hopefully this gives you several options and you can determine what works best for you.

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