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Thread: Troubleshooting Model initialisation Infoworks CS

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    Question Troubleshooting Model initialisation Infoworks CS

    Hi, Can anyone recommend an approach for troubleshooting an Infoworks CS model which fails to initialise? I've taken a working model and imported some additional pump stations w/ rising mains, and the model now fails to initialise. I assumed an inflow into the break node (at the pump discharge/rising main interface) would assist initialisation, but to no avail. Where should I be looking within the model for hints as to the reason for not achieving initialisation? Thanks

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    Hi Simon,

    There are several recommendations I would make in this situation. Firstly ensure that all of the defined break nodes in the system only connect to forcemain/pressure solution model pipes or pumps. This means that where the system switches back to full solution model that at this point a manhole is used.

    Secondly please ensure that there is sufficient storage available in the wet well. There can be problems during initialisation when the chamber floor is almost identical to the pump off levels as in these situations there may not be sufficient volume to provide the pump.

    In addition to this please also check the tolerance for volume balance values in the simulation parameters, these should be set to 0.01 for both initialisation and simulation.

    Finally please ensure that there is no flooding during initialisation. As there are only dry weather flows applied during initialisation any flooding in the system is suspicious and should be investigated

    Hope this helps and if you need assistance you can always contact us (


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    If you're using the Forcemain solution type for the rising main, then make sure the main is actually rising. A downward sloping forcemain can cause initialization issues (and worst case start generating phantom flows!). Don't load anything into a break node, that will cause things to break down too. As Raana said too, flooding/overflows is a big one with getting models to initialize. This is really easy to find and fix, however. Just "Stop" initialization and then let the sim run for a few minutes. Once its has gone a bit, "Stop" the sim (not "Terminate") and then use the max results to see where flooding/overflows are occurring.

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