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Thread: Surge Module Error Message

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    Surge Module Error Message

    Can someone please explain the error message displayed below? I haven't performed a surge analysis in several years, the inputs for specific surge devices are more numerous than previous versions. Thank you.

    Error 4118: invalid pipe connection configuration at surge protection device

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    For Surge questions it is often best to reach out to us at to get the best assistance with surge questions as we often need to see your specific model to address most questions quickly.

    I did reach out to one of our team members who usually support most of our surge cases and they indicated the following:

    "In Surge analysis, surge protection devices are placed on a junction. The Junction with a surge protection should have only one pipe connected to each side."

    Can you check if you have a junction with a surge device that is connected to more than two model pipes?

    In the InfoSurge User Guide (generally found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoWater\Help and is called InfoSurge Users Guide.pdf) they list the following restrictions for network components when doing a surge analysis on page 2-20:
    (click if need a larger Image)
    InfoSurge Restrictions.jpg

    Please let us know if you still have questions in this thread or contact us at for more in depth assistance. Please refer to this Forum thread if you do email us.

    Thank you

    Patrick Moore

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