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Thread: ICM: Unit Hydrographs and Rainfall Profiles

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    ICM: Unit Hydrographs and Rainfall Profiles

    I have an existing sanitary sewer model in InfoWorks ICM ( that has always compiled and ran previously in ICM. It is now giving me an error E3202 during validation that says something like "Unit Hydrograph 540 associated with multiple rainfall profiles (1000, 5000).", although there are multiple UHs with this issue. If I try to run a dry weather flow model, it gives me the same type of error, "Fatal 37: INTEGRITY FAILURE: get_rainfall_profile_for_uh - Multiple rainfall profiles are associated with the same RDII UH ( 150). First change found at subcatchment 324.FATAL"

    Is this something new with a version update of ICM? Is there an easier way to fix this besides creating a duplicate hydrograph with a different name for each rainfall profile? Any experience with this error would be appreciated.

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    Hi, that is a workaround Lloyd. If you use ICM 8.5 then you will have the option (in Simulation Options) to use either the Default SWMM5 RDII or the older SWMM4 RDII which allows you to have one UH and multiple Raingages. The default in ICM 8 is SWMM 5 RDII so if you want to continue using ICM 8 you need to make duplicate UH.
    Bob Dickinson

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