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Thread: visualization error

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    visualization error

    I run a simulation, but when I go to the Map Display I get the error:

    Read Data:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at.Hnet.Common.Core.CHaSR\rvRendererBase.GetLayerT extSymbolEx(IGeoFeatureLayer pGeoLayer) at.InfoSuite.HaMapSrv.frmMapDisplay.ReadData()

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    Can you confirm the following?

    1) What Version of InfoWater you are running
    2) What exactly were you doing when this occurred?
    3) Are you experiencing this with any other model or just a specific one?
    4) Can you clear the error by resetting the display and then reapplying the map display?
    5) Do you have the "Refresh Output" box checked in the Model Explorer?

    Basics for the Map Display: This tool uses Output data written to files in the model IWDB folder. When you see the message "Do you want to switch to the Most Recent run output data?" appears after a run, this is what rewrites the output data used by the Map Display. If you do not check "yes" or do not have the "Refresh Output" box checked in the Model Explorer, the map display data will not update correctly. To resolve, first check on the "Refresh Output" checkbox and then try switching to a different scenario and then switching back. If you still are not seeing the correct data try running a different type of analysis that you were currently using as this will force a refresh of the folders used by the map display. The difficulty that sometimes occurs is that it will not refresh the output fields if it believes it has run the same type of analysis and it believes you still ran a different type of run than you did. This most often occurs if the "Refresh Output" button is accidentally unchecked. In those cases either deleting the current output in the run manager (Using the Force Reset Icon which is like a red X on the Run Icon) switching to a different scenario and running a different type of analysis and then switching back and rerunning the model will generally get the output synced to the correct type. The real key is to see the "Do you want to switch to the Most Recent run output data?" pop up after the run which is what will refresh the output files used by the Map Display.

    In the IWDB folder each element has an ***OUT.dbf (JCTOUT, PIPEOUT, TANKOUT, RESOUT, PUMPOUT, & VALVEOUT) a hydraulic .DBF table (PIPEHYD, TANKHYD, VALVEHYD, PUMPHYD, RESHYD, & DEMAND), and an information .DBF table (JUNCTION, PIPE, TANK, PUMP, VALVE, RESERVOIR) that are joined and this is what is used when you use the MAP display or export a model layer or "join" the layer tables. The OUT tables in any join are the trickiest because ESRI joins are "static" and so when you change the run output and different output fields are used the software has to "break" the join and rejoin the tables so that the right output fields are used. If you are using the map display and rerun a different kind of analysis you often need to reset the display and reapply the map display for a different type of run or layers may be unable to be drawn as it is looking for output fields that are no longer there.

    As noted, this generally helps you understand how the software Map Display generally works and any issues that generally can occur. The vast majority of issues are often resolved by just resetting the map display and reapplying the map display desired.

    Please reply if you are still having difficulties.

    Patrick Moore

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