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Thread: XPSWMM - Build Mar_14_17 - Import ISIS Data Crash

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    XPSWMM - Build Mar_14_17 - Import ISIS Data Crash

    Hi, I hope I have the right forum for this query.
    I anyone able advise if the the Import ISIS Data featue is the correct tool for my purposes or am I usising it incorectly.

    I am having some difficulty importing survey cross sections into XPSWMM as the program repeatly crashes out and wants to send a error report to Innovyze.

    The crash occurs when I start the data import using the Import ISIS Data featue. I have cheked the ISIS 1d network file using flood modller & notepad and it is all fine and not corrupted, am I missing someting with this import process.

    My software build is XPSWMM Build (March 14 2017).



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    I reached out to our US XP support team with your question and they would like to assist you but would like to email you directly. Could you send an email to our US or UK XP support team (whichever is more convenient for you) with your question so that they can assist you further?

    UK XP Support:Phone: +44 (0) 1635 582 555 E-mail:

    US XP Support: Phone: +1 888 554 5022 and E-mail:

    Please forward your request to them via your email address and they would be happy to assist with your current questions.

    Thank you

    Patrick Moore

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