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Thread: Themes in Geoplan - user defined values

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    Themes in Geoplan - user defined values

    I'm trying to set manual values for a Geoplan theme, but if the Range is set to 'Continuous' it won't let me edit the Value fields. I've read and re-read the help and I can't see why it won't allow me to do this, I can't see that there is a way to turn off auto-scale.
    To be more specific, for example I want to colour links by surcharge state, so need values of <; 1 and 2. I could acheive this by using Range = Individual, but you end up with hundres or thousands of valuesand no easy way to set all of the <1 values to a single colour.
    It feels like I'm missing something here!

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    There should be a column to the right titled 'Fix'. Select the radio button and you should then be able to 'Fix' the relevent value in the range column.

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    Thanks Duncan, from reading help I had misunderstood 'Fix' as being to press only after changing the value to prevent it from being changed when scaling... All working fine now!

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