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Thread: Populating fields in Manhole Survey

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    Populating fields in Manhole Survey

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to figure out how to populate the incoming and outgoing pipes fields in the manhole surveys in Infonet.

    I'm unsure if I can do this through a sql script of if I would need to do it in access/excel and then re-import the surveys.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Did you get this solved?

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    We built a tool to get round this which took a (or multiple) STC25 based excel manhole survey cards that contractors had completed and split it up into 3 the component csv files you need to import the data into InfoNet via the open data import center (ODIC). The 3 files where one for the MH details which included things like node reference, cover level, chamber size etc. and then one each for the incoming and outgoing pipe data (MH references/pipe size/invert level etc). We then use the ODIC to import the MH survey CSV first and then the associated incoming/outgoing pipe data using config files to map the data. The attached screenshot show how you chose to import data associated with the pipe via the ODIC.

    I hope that goes someway to answering your question.


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