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Thread: Innovyze Tips & Tricks: Easy way to show pipe direction in InfoWater

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    Lightbulb Innovyze Tips & Tricks: Easy way to show pipe direction in InfoWater

    There are a few instances in InfoWater where identifying the direction pipes are drawn is important.

    Here is a quick way to make a quick change that will allow you to easily see the pipe direction by simply adding the pipes in question to the domain. This is something that we make use of here in Technical support that we wanted to share with our users.

    If you find your Pipe layer, double click on the red line for "domain" pipes in the table of contents.

    If you did this correctly the "Symbol Selector" window will appear for the Domain pipe symbol.

    Scroll down in the list of symbols until you find the ESRI "Arrow at End" symbol and select it.

    But before you hit "OK" change the symbol to use a "red" color like the domain uses, and increase the line thickness to 2 or 3 and then hit "OK"

    Here is a helpful picture of how to do this. (click if you need a larger image)
    pipe- Changing symbology to verify direction.jpg

    Once this has been completed any pipes you select to be in the domain will now be drawn with an arrow at the end of the pipe (per how it is drawn) so that you can quickly and easily see the direction of the pipe.

    By limiting this to the domain, only the pipes in your domain will show up this way and you can avoid unnecessary clutter.

    Here is an example of how the pipes will appear and how you can use this to quickly see the direction of pumps and valves in InfoWater which are based on the direction of the connected pipes:

    Example of how pipes now look and how you can use this to quickly verify the drawing direction of pipes
    (click if need larger image)
    Pipe Direction Example.jpg

    By clearing the domain you clear the pipe direction indication and can then move to the next location you wish to check.

    To clear the domain pipe back to it's default settings simply select the Reset Display button (looks like a yellow painter's palette with an arrow over top) and your domain pipes will revert to the default settings.

    We find this very useful when we want to quickly verify the direction of different pumps or valves in a model and after sharing with several of our users wanted to pass this on as many find it a nice simple tip to do this.

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to respond to this thread.

    Patrick Moore
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