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Thread: Question operating tanks

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    Question operating tanks

    I have a pipe that connects a city pipe connection with a tank (attached figure). The city connection is represented by a reservoir with a PRV.
    Total head PRV = 118 m
    Total head tank = 91 m
    Pipe connection: 300 mm diameter; 200 m reach

    The only way to balance the system is to have a big flow about 41500 cmd. Indeed, the model provides the good result. However, that would mean a very hiigh water consumption (if we locate a meter for billing purposes, the water volume to be paid would be very high)

    Is there a way to maintain a higher head in the PRV, so that I can reduce the flow. Or does the model necessarily have to be in balance; thus, I the only way to reduce the flow would be to reduce pipe diameter in order to increase head losses.

    Another issue is that the tank received such big flow, although it would be full. This creates a problem with water age. Is it possible to apply a valve, so that the pipe gets closed when the tank is full (to control the water volume received by the tank)

    Would there be a problem or a dangerous condition if we force the system to remain unbalanced? (to have higher pressure in the PRV)

    photo (1).JPG
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