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Thread: GIS Gateway update GIS

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    GIS Gateway update GIS

    I want to use GIS Gateway to update original GIS data that was used to create a model.
    In InfoWater I added new pipes and changed diameters. I would like to update the original GIS to reflect such changes.

    In Exchange options I used:
    I tried in Spatial Join -> Completely contain I am using Spatial Join because there new pipes
    Create new records

    Then I tried al the options; Load, Save, Batch import and Batch export, but the original GIS does not change

    Hiow can I update the GIS data?

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    The preferred and typical method for using the GIS gateway is always a tabular join where the ID in the GIS matches the ID in the model. Spatial joins are always tricky at any time and are generally not ideal for use in the GIS gateway even though it is possible to use them, you just have much less control over how elements are matched in a spatial join vs. in a tabular join.

    The other major issue you need to realize with the GIS gateway is that unlike the Import Manager in the GIS gateway "update" clusters" and "Create new" clusters are separate items.

    If you try to do a "update" of elements using a "create" type cluster nothing will change if there is an element that either has the same ID (tabular join) or that matches the geometry (spatial join) because "create" clusters only create new elements if none exists. You would need to create a second cluster of the "update type" in order to update elements with data forgotten to map in the first join. To update geometry the "update Geometry checkbox must be checked as well or it would only update field mapping as noted.
    Key settings for an "update cluster" (Click if need larger image)

    Here are a couple of videos that show how each type of cluster works (uses tabular join) that may help you
    GIS Gateway
    As away to get you familiar with the GIS gateway here are a couple of quick videos
    that explain some key functionality that may be of interest to you: This is
    likely going to be the best tool you can use for this purpose and this explains
    key functionality associated with it.

    GIS gateway video links:
    a. - Part 1: Introduction to the GIS Gateway
    b. – Part 2: Demo of GIS Gateway features

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