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Thread: Administration Guide for Infoworks installation on SQL Server

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    Question Administration Guide for Infoworks installation on SQL Server


    I'm looking for an installation guide how to configure SQL database for Infoworks WS. In the Release Notes, I find the following statement:
    Server Databases
    In addition to the Jet database engine, some of the products also support Oracle and SQL Server.
    Instructions on installing and updating databases for these databases can be found in a separate document.
    However, I cannot find the "separate document".
    Can anyone help me, guiding me into the right direction?


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    I checked in with our staff who usually assists clients with questions regarding InfoWorks updates and they let me know that what you are looking for is found on our webpage for software updates but that you will need your Innovyze InfoWorks login data to see it.

    If you are unsure what that is or need assistance recovering it please contact us at and our team can help you recover that information.

    If you do have your login and password please browse to the following web page:

    If on this page you select the InfoWorks WS under "Select Products" and login with your credentials you will see the following files you are requesting:

    Login Credentials will be entered here:
    (click if need larger image)
    InfoWorks WS login Credentials view.png
    Once authorized you should see this:
    (click if need larger image)
    InfoWorks software updates.png

    The SQL Server scripts and Oracle script links are found there.

    If you need further assistance with InfoWorks installations or other files please contact us at

    Patrick Moore

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