InfoMaster's Advanced Report and Report Designer options create a powerful tool for users wanting to convey specific InfoMaster results. These tools allow total customization for how an analysis can be displayed, as well as allowing users to perform other analysis outside of InfoMaster’s traditional toolkit! Custom functions and calculations can be created within these reports and applied to any InfoMaster data tables. For example, pump efficiencies and costs may exist only in tables right now, with custom reports, a user could create an equation that evaluates which pumps are candidates to be replaced based Return-on-investment and Life-Cycle costs (just as an example) and then produce a report that lays it all out. Users can create pivot tables, charts, add pictures, flowcharts, etc. from their InfoMaster model and save it as a custom template for future use or even share these templates within their organization or other InfoMaster users. These custom report templates are file-based and thus they are shareable!

With nearly unlimited customization, however, comes an added layer of complexity. To assist our clients wanting to harness this powerful tool, InfoMaster comes preloaded with a Custom Report template library (which continues to grow) and additionally Innovyze is happy to provide the attached user guide specifically for customizing Advanced Reports. Please use the link below to download.

Advanded Report_Report Designer User Guide