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Thread: InfoWorks CS 11.5 - Error message with IWMD.MDB

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    InfoWorks CS 11.5 - Error message with IWMD.MDB


    My laptop was rebuilt a few weeks ago and InfoWorks CS 11.5 wasreinstalled. It's authenticated by local dongle. I now get the following error when I try and open it:

    Error 1: Internal error - metadata component : Could not find file 'C:\Program Files\InfoWorks115\IWMD.MDB'

    As per the error message I can't find the IWMD.MDB file in the relevant directory. There is limited support from my IT section who are unable to resolve this problem, and obviously Innovyze no longer support CS.

    It looks pretty terminal but does anyone know of a fix for this?



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    Problem solved.

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