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Thread: Message: unable to locate geometry data for pipe

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    Message: unable to locate geometry data for pipe

    I get the following warning message:
    WARNING unable to locate geometry data for pipe '460'
    WARNING unable to locate information data for Junction 'J1502'

    I get those same messages for other pipes and junctions.
    I try to delete them, but still get the same messages
    How can I delete these items?

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    That is certainly an unusual message to receive and may be difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the model, but here are a few suggestions:

    To help assist troubleshooting, can you think of anything that was done prior to the first time you started receiving these messages?

    1) Did you try to delete elements or edit elements outside of the software tools itself? Doing so can cause errors to occur and should generally be avoided. You should never edit or delete elements using ArcGIS tools or the editor toolbar. Always delete elements using the delete element or delete domain commands within InfoWater itself to avoid errors.
    2) Did the model crash or have difficulty saving before this error occurred? If so, it is possible that something either corrupted the map file or the model database.
    3) Can you check if your model and the table of contents "LAYERS' still share the same spatial projection? Under certain circumstances older versions of ArcGIS (especially 10.1 and sometimes 10.2) could reset the spatial projection of the "Layers" to a different value than the model which could cause problems in how elements are displayed.
    4) Also what version of InfoWater and ArcGIS are you currently running?
    5) Are the elements in the map but not the DB, or are they in the DB, but not the map? In other words do you actually see the elements but can't click on them (in the map but not the DB) or can you not see them but can find them in the DB Editor (in the DB, but not the map?)

    Some further questions/suggestions you can try:

    1) Have you tried running a InfoWater->Utilities-> update Map from DB Force all network? You can try this if the elements are in the DB but not the map to have them redraw these elements in case you deleted them from the map using an ArcGIS editor instead of using the model to delete them.

    2) You may also need to reapply the model spatial projection in the model if the Layers file and the model differ. InfoWater-> Project-> Change Project Spatial Reference -> Edit Current Project Spatial Reference and reselect the correct spatial reference. However, elements drawn when the projections were off may need to be redrawn as the coordinates will be off.

    3) If this only started recently you can always also go back to the last good version of the model as a backup plan as depending on what caused the issue it may be easier to redo the effort than to fix the model with the issue under certain circumstances. Again without seeing the model or the extent of the issue it is hard to provide full suggestions.

    4) You can also try a model rebuild using this procedure as this can resolve many an issue with the Map file if it had gotten corrupted. But be aware that if the actual DB files were corrupted this may or may not resolve the issue.
    Procedure to rebuild and InfoWater Database
    This procedure will rebuild the IWDB folder. This procedure is helpful
    For the instructions below, Model1 is the original model and Model2 is the rebuilt model.

    1. Open the original model mxd file. Do not initialize the mxd file.
    2. Save the original model mxd file to a new name (Model2).
    3. Remove element layers Junction, Tank, Reservoir, Pump, Valve and Pipe.
    4. Press the red arrow to initialize Model2 and in the Create New InfoWater Project dialog box, select Same as active map.
    5. In the Create New InfoWater Project dialog box, we would recommend in the Project GeoDatabase Type: File GeoDatabase.
    6. Press the OK button.
    7. Save Model2 and close ArcMap.
    8. Copy everything except the Map folder from Model1.IWDB folder into Model2.IWDB folder. (Important: do not copy the Map folder.)
    9. Open Model2.mxd and initialize the model.
    10. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Update Map from DB -> Force Full Network to redraw the network.
    11. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, View -> Reset Display.
    12. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Reindex.
    13. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Pack.
    14. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Clean.
    15. Save the model
    If you do have a valid model Annual Maintenance contract I would also suggest emailing us at so we can look at your model in detail.

    Patrick Moore

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