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    I have a 2D model with the situation represented in the attached picture. My question is: calculation for pipe 1 will take into account the simulated level in the pond without applying a level on the outfalls ? I have looked at the 3D view with show maxima and there is a big difference in the maximum levels for the water ( the maximum level of water in the pond is bigger that the maximum level in the upstream pipe).

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    By default, the 1D-2D interaction is based on depths. That is the depth of water in the 2D mesh element (ie, water level minus element ground level) in which the 2D outfall resides is applied to the 2D outfall. This was any mismatches, which are usually undesirable are ignored.

    Where a mismatch is deliberate then it is possible to specify that the level is used. This can be done globally in the simulation parameters using the 'Use 2D elevations instead of depths' option. It is also possible to do this on a node basis by setting the '1D-2D linkage basis' in the node property sheet.

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