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Thread: Using SQL database for Infoworks CS

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    I am running large models and the Jet database has become increasingly insufficient. Hence I am thinking of using SQL database for such large models. Can anybody share their experience (good/ not good) if they have used SQL database?

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    How large are you talking about? We've found that the the JET format IWM database is good up to 2 GB. For our largest projects, we keep multiple IWM databases for different phases of the project (model build, calibration, analysis, and design). This keeps us under 2 GB for each IWM and it works since once you move on to the next project phase, there is usually little reason to revisit the previous phase. If changes need to be made in a previous phase, the networks can be moved to another IWM easily in the Admin program. ICM is supposed to fix this limitation.

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    Hello David,
    Some of the model are large as Becton. Currently for these I am following the same process of keeping different IWMs. However at times the solution ones tend to exceeded 2 GB.

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    Hello Salam,

    The main advantage of using a SQL database is indeed that the size limit is not 2GB as it is for JET databases.

    When using JET databases please do remember that when data is deleted in the administrator that size of the iwm is not decreased as file structures and placeholders remain. So if you are trying to reduce iwm sizes following deletion of data in the administrator please carry out the Database>Compress Database options. Here you can first Clean Network Data and then carry out the Reclaim Disc Space From Database File. Now iwm sizes should be reduced.

    Similarly if you have a large catchment tree because of multiple networks being stored (many check ins and outs) but the final network is now present then before carrying out the compress database you could duplicate the final network and then use this meaning the previous versions can be deleted from the catchment group.

    There should be no difference in speed between SQL and JET but please bear in mind where the database is stored as this could impact connection times.

    Hope this helps and if there are further questions please do let us know (


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