I am experiencing an "unhandled exception" when trying to process a statistical report in ICM v5.5.7. (See screenshot below).

Stats Report Error.jpg
IT seems that ICM processes the results correctly and creates a report for each of the sims, but it gets stuck at the "consolidation" phase (not sure what this means exactly?).

I have tried cleaning the working and results directories, and the remote roots directory. Also tried setting the "local" directories to be the same as the "remote directories". I have also tried creating new versions of the stats reports, confirming the selection of assets used in the stats report is valid and using a non-0 integral for the threshold (this is not relevant as I am not interested in the excedence details, however, I am told a 0 threshold can cause issues in this version of ICM).

I cannot upgrade to any later versions of ICM as this is not possible for my client.

In short, I have run out of ideas as to how I can get this stats report working and wondered if I could get any advice here...

Many thanks,