Hi Stefan,

The Server was a Xeon based system running at 2.4 GHz. I don't seem to have a note of the exact model number, but it had 32GB of memory and was running Widows Server 2008R2.

As a general rule, on the models we tested, the graph always flattened out once you were in the 20-30 cores area.

Appreciating where the 'drop' happens is always good to know of course, as one of the features of InfoWorks ICM is that you can limit a particular simulation to a certain number of cores. This means that you can optimise runs on a powerful machine to ensure each has just the right amount of resources. For example, on the machine I was using we experimented with limiting the cores/threads available to an individual simulation. We found that 8 threads seemed to work well, which allowed us to run 4 concurrent simulations and still leave enough resource for the Server to manage regular background Windows tasks.