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Thread: set up temporal folder - (i.e. the Virtual DB folder)

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    set up temporal folder - (i.e. the Virtual DB folder)

    When I open an InfoWater project stored in a given path, it opens but inmediatly changes to c:\ProgramData\Innovyze\Temp...
    When I save, it saves to the right folder and then goes back to the c:\ProgramData\Innovyze\Temp...
    Documentation states that InfoWater works on that temp folder in order to avoid damaging the file, and when saving it saves to the real folder.
    Is there a way to specify the Temp folder path? (I mean to work in a different temp folder)

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    The virtual DB location can be changed during installation, but we recommend leaving it in the default location of C:\ProgramData\Innovyze\Temp\IWXXVDB (where the "XX" is a number (usually 10) where all your InfoWater virtual database files are located.

    Note: the "ProgramData" folder is a hidden folder that you will need to tell windows you wish to see in order to see files within it (--> see here for how to do this: )

    When you make a model, until you save it, it is only stored in the virtual DB. Once you save it, the location will change, but the model will still use the virtual DB to make changes and will only save it to the saved location once you hit save. When you hit the save button the software first deletes the contents of your IWDB folder in the saved location and then copies over the virtual database IWDB folder to replace the files. If your model crashes the data in the virtual DB folder will contain all of your changes made and can be used by the software to "recover" your lost work.

    While you can change the default location of the virtual DB during installation of InfoWater it is not recommended as there is generally not particular benefit to do so and it can make it harder to locate your VDB files if you call technical support. But if you really wish to change them you would need to uninstall and reinstall the software to do so and during installation change the default location to the one you want to use. But we do strongly recommend just using the default location.

    Note: your Model layers in the table of contents will show as located in the temp directory when you examine them in InfoWater as they are linked to the "Map" folder within your IWDB database which will be tied to your virtual DB. Please note, we do not recommend trying to edit the map files using anything but the model tools. Editing these using ESRI functionality can cause issues with your model working properly. If you need to export model layers to have access to them simply use the Exchange-> Export manager to do so which will export model layers and will include the model spatial projection if defined.

    Please let us know if there is a specific reason you wish to access the Map layers and we can provide you better suggestions on how to do so than connecting to the Map folder.

    Thank you,

    Patrick Moore

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