As part of the process to delete short pipes on either side of valves and pumps (a relic of EPANET), short pipes and junctions between them were deleted and the pipes on either side of the deleted features were connected. If a junction was at a corner, that bend is not displayed anymore because the pipe containing that geometry has been deleted. To get the geometry back, the pipes that were deleted were merged with the pipes that got extended. The hope is that this shapefile could be used to update the geometry using the Exchange -> Import tool. When this tool is run, it creates areas where the vertices are drawn out of order even if the shapefile's vertices were drawn in the correct order. Is there a way for InfoWater to redraw the pipe's vertices in the correct order?

Alternatively, is there a better way to merge two pipes together while getting rid of a junction in between? This process needs to be done to at least 4,000 short pipes.